Investing in the Future

As Chairman and CEO of Jones Management Services, Inc, Allan Jones believes in giving back. There is evidence of that philosophy in various parts of his hometown, Cleveland, TN, as well as across the USA.


Known in his hometown as a champion for the environment, Allan Jones is personally responsible for planting trees throughout the community. From tree-lined city streets to school parks, playgrounds, and the Courthouse Square, trees have been financed and planted through his efforts. His employees are also encouraged to plant and preserve trees.

Jones is a staunch believer in preserving history for future generations. That, coupled with his love of trees, prompted him to donate historic Johnny Appleseed trees and curriculum to each of the schools in his hometown in the year 2000. The trees, grafted from trees planted by John Chapman in the 1800s, were perfected in Jacksonville, FL at the American Forest of Historic Trees. Jones purchased enough to plant a small tree orchard on each school campus in his hometown. Today, hundreds of trees are being grown and cared for by the students. A full curriculum about the life of Johnny Appleseed was also donated to each school.

Preserving History

Preserving historic buildings is also one of Allan Jones's passions. He purchased and refurbished Craigmiles Hall, a Cleveland, TN landmark that is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Built in the 1800s, it was once the social center of the city and featured entertainment by John Philip Sousa and others. Craigmiles
Jones also purchased a 1960s shopping mall, abandoned in the 1980s, from Bankruptcy Court in 1998. Today, the Village Green Town Center is a picturesque gateway to historic downtown, as well as a thriving business complex.

Supporting the Sport of Wrestling

Philanthropic donations in the past few years have also supported Jones's passion for the sport of high school wrestling. In November, 2001, he opened the Jones Wrestling Center on the campus of his high school alma mater.
It represents a million–dollar donation to ensure that high school wrestlers have a venue for practice and matches. He also donated wrestling facilities to a county school and has been supportive of wrestling at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga and across the nation. He financed live, TV coverage of the Tennessee Championship Duals at UTC in 2002 and 2003. His sponsorship of a Kids Wrestling Club, over the span of 20 years, has now resulted in high school wrestling champions. Both Cleveland High and Bradley Central High are consistently ranked first and second in the state of Tennessee.

UTK Donation

The University of Tennessee at Knoxville received $4 million from Mr. Jones for the building of an aquatic center. The Allan Jones Aquatic Center provides the school with a state–of–the–art center for teaching and training athletes.

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